Welcome to P & V Commodity Supplies

The People & Views Commodity Supplies is a Ugandan organization registered on 7th October, 2003. The purpose of establishing it is to help local community members and their leaders realise that the views that lead to their initiatives are a resource that can be turned into a commodity of trade.


Costing Initiatives. 
P & V Commodity Supplies
exists to turn people’s views and initiatives into valuable products.
P & V Commodity Supplies seeks to enable humanity live life to its fullest.

PROFESSIONALISM: We strive to attain and maintain the highest standards of performance in all the work that we have agreed to do for our clients and partners; 

INTEGRITY: We adhere to ethical and moral principles;

STEWARDSHIP: We carry out all the duties that have been given to us with utmost passion and commitment.

SCRIPTURAL PRINCIPLE: We honour God, and treat others as we would have liked to be treated.    

Development & Learning [Training]   Promote Quality Farm Inputs
  • Improvement of Household Income;
  • Ecological Agriculture Practices;
  • Home Improvement & Sanitation.
  • Provide quality information on seeds;
  • Provide quality information on livestock;
  • Promote quality information on multipurpose trees.  
Humanitarian Services   Policy & Advocacy
  • Promote reconciliation;
  • Promote peace and stability;
  • Provide support to the disadvantaged.
  • Facilitate dialogue & cooperation;
  • Analyze pro poor policies;
  • Conduct pro poor campaigns.

Address:   Nasser road, Printers Miracle Centre, Rm E12 P.O. Box 70508, Clock Tower, Kampala UgandaEAST AFRICA
Tel:  +256-414-370 203 , +256-772-723806 , +256-757-234231 | Email: admin@pvcommodity.com
Website: www.pvcommodity.com