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Our Vision

To enable humanity live life to its fullest.

Our Mission

To turn people’s views and initiatives into valuable products.

Our Motto

Costing Initiatives. 

Who We Are

The People & Views Commodity Supplies

The People & Views Commodity Supplies is found in Uganda. It was registered by the registrar of companies under the number 140974.
The purpose of starting it was to enable people within their respective institutions and or communities realize that their views or ideas are a resource that can be turned into a commodity of trade.

It therefore, helps institutions, staff, communities and their leaders overcome gaps in knowledge and enable them live dignified, secure, productive and healthy lives through the promotion of their initiatives. Its offices are situated in Kampala District.  

The success of P & V Commodity Supplies is managed by the practicality of the studies and or trainings it conducts and the recommendations it proposes, and this, in turn, is governed by its simplicity without compromising the effectiveness, thoroughness, and respect for the rules and regulations of its clients / partners and the laws that govern the host country.
We ensure that there is a clear understanding between ourselves and the client regarding the goals and objectives of any task we are invited to work on.


We strive to attain and maintain the highest standards of performance in all the work that we have agreed to do for our clients and partners.


We adhere to ethical and moral principles.


We carry out all the duties that have been given to us with utmost passion and commitment.


We honor God, and treat others as we would have liked to be treated.